I went there to see if I could get furniture for my new apartment and the sales person told me to fill out an application to see how much they can finance me with. My friend was there with me and she saw I told them no I didn't want the furniture and then I left once I left I saw my bank account had been charged I turned around and asked them why they charged me $45 for and they were like o the money will beback in your account in two days.

Two days. Passed and no money back and then I started to get charges $400 and I called my bank and told them I did not authorize that payment and then the third time the they charges me again my bank told me just to close my account and get a new one and to file a report. I called the financial institution Progressive and told them I did not get any furniture at all from them. This was on May it's September and they still haven't sent progressive the letter stating I did not sign anything and I did not even get furniture.

It's pudding me off they keep telling me they sent it and the finance company tells me they haven't received anything. I'm close to getting an attorney or filling a police report and calling them out on every freaking Chanel I find here in houston

Reason of review: They falsified and made it look like I took out furniture .

Preferred solution: Send progressive the dam credit invoice and let them know I didn't get any furniture .

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I completely understand how you feel. I am also having a similar issue with them right now Laura the finance manager is is a coward and has no integrity.

I do strongly believe this store is a fraud and something in the milk isn't clean there. Make sure you don't let up on them for this scam and unprofessional business they are running- Report them to the better business bureau.

Someone needs to do an audit. I


Contact me, I'm suing them here's my number 832-994-2769. AJ

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