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I bought a Ashley king bedroom set in August 2013 - it was on back order - they did provide me a loaner bed until then. In the middle of September I finally recieved my bedroom set.

4 weeks later the rail of the bed gave out and broke. I called Orbmik furniture immediately and it took a month for me to finally get a call back from Anna and she explained she was going to get me a replacement but the bed is on back order.

It is now December and I cannot get anyone to call me back or give me a status of my bed. This service and company is horrible and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone EVER!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Houston, Texas, United States #810545

Michael Kimbro is a pure crook. I worked for him for 1 week (58 hours)in February of 2014 and had to quit because I got a better job.

He employs illegal immigrants and frauds the government by not taking taxes out his employees check and does not have them complete a W9. We had to drive a delivery truck with no company name on it and with no lights in the back (at night). He would work us for 15 hours with no time for lunch. He does not pay overtime no matter how long you work.

I did not receive my paycheck on the day he promised and when I finally did receive it 3 weeks later (after many lies and run around)and took it to the bank it was a bad check. When I tried to pick up the check on the day promised Michael Kimbro assaulted me and grabbed my phone out of my hand and smashed me. When the police arrived Michel claimed I assaulted him (his employee, Tony lied for him and said that I assaulted Michael) and either hid the phone or threw it away. I have tried repeatedly to cash the check and the check is still bad.

When I called Michael about the bad check he immediately hung up on me.

I filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission but I still have not received my money. If anyone who is suing this guy needs a witness as to his character please contact me at 832-368-1545.

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