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This whole ordeal started when I walked in Orbmik Furniture on 09/14/14. I first went with my brother, who also purchased a living room set from them. My daughter found this place online and saw they had nice things. I had just moved to Houston and was moving into my place and thought this was the place to help me with that. The person who helped me no longer works there but I had purchased a 2pc sectional sofa, ottoman, king bedroom, queen bedroom, two kids beds, 3dressers, 3nightstands, 3mirrors. Altogether I spend $4300. I told them I was looking at a Nov1st delivery. I was told to give them a 10 day notice in advance. I left happy. The apartment I planned on moving into fell through, so I went back to receive a refund for the kids beds, 1 dresser, nightstand and was informed she could only exchange the items into a tv stand, rug and a big painting.

In the beginning of Oct, I had taken my granddaughter in the store to show her what I had purchased. There was about three people sitting at the front desk, eating, not even paying us any attention. Fast forward to 10/31/14. My daughter flew in from New York to assist me with my new apartment and furniture. I was told that they would be there the following day(11/1) between 10-4 to deliver the said items. Needless to say they did not show up, call or send smoke signals. We called, were told they would be there 11/2 by 1. I have church on Sunday so we rushed home after to make sure we were there. When they finally delivered the sofa, it was 11pm and they told us they had a rug but it wasn't the right one. We took only the sofa. The following day we went up to the store to speak to Laurie, she had us waiting an hour before one of her "employees" told us she wasn't in the store.We also spoke to Jim(the older gentleman with he cane) he talked about "sweeting the pot" for our inconvenience. We then told them that we would get a lawyer because this is crazy. My order was paid it full from our first encounter. We then left PISSED. Later that day my daughter and granddaughter went back to the store the employee that told us that Laurie had left told us that he was not allowed to speak to us because we said something about getting a lawyer. They then spoke with Jim again. Jim informed them that their truck had been in an accident. He couldn't do anything about it but he would leave a message for the owners and get back to us about a delivery date by the next day. Of course we never got that call. My daughter called and called and called never getting anywhere. Finally on Tuesday, my daughter and granddaughter popped up at the store after running some errands and guess who was there, getting chewed out by another customer, Laurie herself. My daughter spoke to Laurie and she basically said that she is trying to get it resolved and my daughter stressed to her that its okay to have issues but communicate that instead of leaving us in the dark or lying to us when you clearly know otherwise. She also agreed to throw in two more paintings and 2 lamps we had seen while we were waiting for her to come out, which she never did. After some more talking and thinking they had gotten somewhere, my family left with a painting and the promise of an upgrade on the king mattress and Laurie's personal cell phone number. My daughter was set to leave that Wednesday but pushed her flight out until the next day and I had taken off work because we were told that we would be getting that delivery. Nothing. Thursday comes. We're told they would be here. Nothing. She pushed her flight back another day and I had taken another day off. Friday arrives. My daughter leaves with me still having just a sofa and two paintings out of the whole order. The following Tuesday, after constant texting her personal line, we finally received a call that they were on their way but only had the King mattress and box springs. They again came late, dropped it off and was gone. Since then we have been texting and calling her cell phone and well as leaving voicemails on the store phone. As of 11/11 we have not received anything else on the said order. We have communicated that we are not happy and would like a full refund. She has responded to that saying that they do not give refunds. She had not responded to anything else about the delivery or even where the items are. We have have not heard anything from her since 11/14 when all she said is "Irregardless. I have bought your beds and paid for them. I am awaiting delivery. When they arrive I will deliver to you."

Since then I have contacted the bank to get a full refund. I have called, texted, emailed, left voicemails for her to come get the couple of items they did have delivered as I do not want them or want to be responsible for them. Still have not received anything back. I am now in the process of getting a lawyer and or taking them to small claims court. I am very unhappy but the treatment of a customer. Again, my order was paid IN FULL! and i only received about 10% of what I purchased. Every time you called or talked to her, she acted as if you were bothering her or inconveniencing her. The nerve of these people. We let them know that we would be understanding if they would communicate to which she said i totally understand just to continue to receive terrible service. I have gone online and seen all these reviews or people going through the same things. We need to finally put this company down. And she says they are opening two more stores. This is not right. I am asking that if you are having problems with Orbmik and want to take this to the next level please email lets take them down together!

Reason of review: Poor customer service, delivery.

Monetary Loss: $4300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1325881

They were doing business on eBay under 3 separate account names- chiseledperfections, reNEWalfurniture, and benbalestabsfurniture.After eBay/customers found out about their scam, they drained their bank accounts, and changed their eBay usernames to Isaiahluxuryfurniture, redoux_couture, and redouxcouture.

The sad thing is these legitimate businesses are now being associated with thieves. These are not actually them.

They did this knowing it would damage their competitors names and allow them to wipe their hands clean. Now, they started a new hustle under Chiseled Perfections LLC, instagram chiseledperfections, and Facebook chiseledperfections.

You can also find them bypassing through New York from week to week selling furniture out of their glamorous rental truck. lol Here's their information: Ben Bales - (512) 799-2748 Melina Tabibian - (512) 413-4962 Kelly Morgan - (281) 408-9162 They don't have a physical address for their business, but they buy from a furniture store in Houston called Tabs Furniture (3002 Fondren Rd. Houston TX 77063).

I heard that you can find them here from time to time.

If not, they know where they are. This is where they run their shady business practices.

They're basically an agent with this furniture store. These people are in continuous lawsuits, so be patient and wait in line.

They have filed bankruptcy a few times too :/.

Since so many people are being taken for their money, it's smart to file a class action lawsuit against them and Tabs Furniture.I will update or add an additional review as I get more information (their exact address, etc.).

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